WANDERLUST FESTIVAL | 7 Reasons Why it Will Nourish Your Soul

I just recently got home from attending my FIFTH Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe, CA! Besides the beautiful scenery, there are numerous reasons why you should attend a festival like this, even if you aren't all that into yoga. Here are 7 reasons why you have to attend at least one Wanderlust Festival in your lifetime!


I gave the first reason away in my intro, but omgoodness, look at this view! From what I can gather, every Wanderlust Festival venue is carefully picked and curated with beauty and nature in mind. The Lake Tahoe Wanderlust venue is located at The Village in Squaw Valley, where the Olympics were held in 1960. In addition to the natural beauty of the hotel and land, Wanderlust pays close attention to each detail in the festival; from the tent presentations to the vendors present. It isn't hard to leave behind technology and embrace the beauty that is all around you! You will leave feeling truly rejuvenated, grounded and connected.


I am always excited to see which vendors/brands will be at the festival. This year I was super impressed and let's just say, I spent a few bucks while I was there! From eco-conscious brands like Spiritual Gangster (offering discounts up to 50% off) to pure essential oil brands like Saje, there was something for everyone to enjoy. As seen in one of the photos above, I was able to get a henna tattoo, something I have always wanted to do! In addition to the multiple tents that you could purchase items from, there were also many vendors offering free services and products. You can see in another photo above, I was able to get my hair braided by Aveda for free, which was awesome since I can't braid to save my life! There was a ton of probiotic products this year, giving out free samples and discounts. There was also an area set up where you could make your own mala bracelet, Wanderlust tote & even get tribal marked for free. A few brands worth mentioning there this year were: Manduka, Teeki, Spiritual Gangster, Adidas, Ford, Toyota, Silver & Sage, Saje Essential Oils & Puppies Make Me Happy. There were many more, too many to name. Also, they had many vegan and vegetarian options as well for food vendors!


In this busy and nonstop world that we live in, we rarely have time for ourselves. We often lose touch with who we are and what we want out of life. Can you recall the last time you sat down to reflect and set an intention for your life? This festival gives you the perfect venue to do just that! Right when you check in, there is an area to fill out your intention for finding your true North, the theme Wanderlust evokes in its participants. Throughout the festival, there are so many reminders to be grateful, stay true to your intention, and be inspired!


The pool parties are honestly one of my favorite pastimes at this festival! In order to get to the pool, you have to take a tram that travels 8,200 ft up the mountain to "High Camp". Usually, I am heading to the pool after taking a hour and a half long yoga class, and I can't wait to just chill. If there are no seats along the pool, no worries, just head to the grassy area above the pool (see the picture of above of me napping). In addition to the nice pool, beautiful view and sunny warm weather, you also get to enjoy a DJ provided by wanderlust and lots of acroyogis playing in the water! The vibe and energy of these pool parties is like nothing I can really describe, you just have to experience it for yourself.


The first time I attended Wanderlust, I had only been practicing yoga for a few months and I was nervous about going because I wasn't a "yogi". What could I possibly do in the yoga classes? I'm going to look like such an amateur! These were the thoughts that crossed my mind when my then-boyfriend asked me to go with him. That's right, I agreed to go to this festival because of a boy (whom I am now married to, so I guess it was the right choice after all)! For veteran and fresh yogis alike, the yoga classes are more about the experience and being put in a possibly uncomfortable situation, so that we can grow and learn as human beings! The festival offers everything from hikes, to acroyoga, to slacklining, to stand up paddle boarding, to aerial yoga, to meditation. There are both indoor and outdoor spaces that the classes are held at; both beautifully put together. Whether you want to get a kickass workout, restore your body and mind or try something you've never tried before, you'll find it at Wanderlust.


The festival also offers so much live music and entertainment throughout the entire weekend; who doesn't love that? From live music or a DJ during the yoga classes, to full on concerts in the evening, there is always something to watch and listen to. There were many instances in which we would step outside on our balcony and be able to listen to a live band right from where we stood! They also typically put on a show one night, where amazing yogis perform, such as Chelsey Korus and Matt Giordano (see the acro photo pictured above). Also, discretionary precaution, don't be surprised if you smell a little skunk in the concerts! Everyone is just about having a great time and connecting to the tunes.


It's rare that you leave a vacation transformed, but don't be surprised if you find that you have experienced a shift in your state of being after attending this festival. If you come with a loved one, I guarantee that you will leave feeling more connected. If you come alone, I guarantee that you will leave with more friendships than you started with when you got there. You will leave inspired. You will leave with a fire in your belly to create and do something that brings joy to your soul. You will experience a transformation on some level, even if that is just discovering a love for what yoga has to offer. You will find your true North!