10 "Hacks" If You're Making the Switch to Green Beauty

I have been on this green beauty journey now for a little over two years. I tried converting once before, but the market was a different space than it is now and I was freelancing for weddings and shoots, so I needed reliable products. During the same time I quit working as a freelance MUA, I began teaching Pure Barre and getting more serious about my health. I decided to look into the green beauty space once again, leading me to the place I'm at today. I have found a few tricks or "hacks" along the way and I hope these will be helpful tools for you to use on your journey to healthier living too!

1. Find Social Media "Gurus"

These "gurus" are often green beauty bloggers! People who share the same passion about safe skincare and makeup. With Instagram's many features, these gurus can be really helpful when looking into certain products or ingredients. One of the first IG accounts I began following when I started my journey was Organic Bunny.  She is extremely knowledgeable about ingredients and often shares product reviews and swatches. She now owns her own online store, so she shares products often on her page.

2. Join a Subscription Box

When first figuring out what a harmful ingredient is vs what a safe ingredient is, deciding which products to spend your money on can be overwhelming to say the least. Enter here the subscription box option; finding a curation of products (monthly or bi-monthly) from trusted and well respected companies can make the discovery process much simpler and cheaper! They do all the work for you so that you can relax and enjoy the journey. Two subscriptions I trust and highly recommend are Art of Organics (AOLOVE10 saves you 10% off) and Boxwalla*. Click here if you'd like to learn more about subscription box benefits!

3. Discover Green Beauty Exclusive Stores

Once you have a handful of stores that you know and trust will only carry clean products,  you can rest assured knowing if its an option on their site, it's probably healthy for you. A few of my go-to stores are Integrity Botanicals, CAP Beauty, Citrine Natural Beauty and The Organic Bunny. There is a ton more to name, so if you would like a longer list leave that request in the comments below!

4. Follow Green Beauty Brand Accounts

In addition to following social media gurus, following natural beauty brand accounts can be super helpful as well. 100% Pure* does weekly live IG videos, going over ingredients, swatches, etc. It's great because it allows you to ask questions and get actual interaction with the brand. Other brands like Oumere post helpful tips and facts about natural beauty and ingredients. Most of the natural stores out there will post photos of swatches, which is super helpful. Again, I have a long list of brands I follow, so if you'd like more info let me know in the comments below! Click here if you'd like to read my opinions on the Oumere skincare line up.

5. Download the Think Dirty App

This app is a quick and easy way to look up a product to see what its "risk" concerns are, if there are any. The app has created a rating scale, which you can read all about on their website. The site also has a blog, which can be another helpful resource.

6. Read Red Flag List Articles

There are a ton of articles floating out there that you can read and educate yourself on regarding toxic ingredients. You'll slowly start to familarize yourself with what ingredients you should be avoiding. One article you can start with today is from Safe Cosmetics. Three ingredients you should always try to steer clear of- fragrance, parabens & phthalates.

7.  Watch YouTube Reviews

I rely pretty heavily on YouTube reviews and swatches! I love being able to watch a product in action and hear what the YouTuber's thoughts are on it. The two channels I watch the most are Integrity Botanicals and The Green Bunny. Again, if you want a few more channels to subscribe to, let me know in the comments section below!

8. Join a Facebook Group

My girl and fellow green beauty blogger, Jaclyn Houston, suggested this hack to me! I actually just requested to be a member myself, so thank you Jaclyn! There are over 4,000 members in the Green Beauty Insiders group on FB, which means you can get a lot of advice from those in the green beauty space. 

9. Go Slow

This shift does NOT have to happen over night. As you run out of one item, make the swap for a non-toxic replacement. There are a ton of really high performing and beautiful products in the green beauty space today, so this transition has become much easier. Start small, with products that you know you won't miss, even if they're not the most important products to start with. This should be a sustainable lifestyle, so start where you can and work your way up. 

10. Purchase From Stores With Free Samples & a Good Return Policy

Integrity Botanicals is one of the best stores to purchase products if you're looking for free samples with your order. Many of the natural stores will send samples, but they'll be randomly chosen. At Integrity Botanicals, you get to hand pick three free samples. So this allows you more opportunity to test out products that you've been eyeing, before spending the money on them! Also, keep in mind some stores do not allow returns. So if you're unsure about an item, try purchasing it from somewhere with a stellar return policy (Integrity Botanicals allows you to return as well). Sephora now has some great natural brands, as well as Nordstrom!

Please share any hacks or tips you have found along your journey in the comments below! The more we share with one another, the more success we will each find. Thanks for reading.



* Brands that I love and am graciously affiliated with.