sweatheory | Holistic Health

I had been following sweatheory on Instagram for quite a while, so when they graciously invited me to come experience one of their private infrared saunas I jumped at the chance! My husband & I took a 90 minute yoga class over at the Wanderlust Hollywood studio that morning and decided to keep the sweat vibes going (it was only about a five minute drive from the yoga studio). Here are the deets on my infrared sauna experience at this holistic and alternative health spot in Los Angeles:

  • ITS PRIVATE. The infrared sauna room is private and can fit two people easily. I went with my husband and it was a great experience to share together. It would also be fun to go with a friend for some girl time. The cost is $35 for one hour, or $65 for you and a friend. 

  • IT HAS A PRIVATE SHOWER. The room has its own shower! This was such a nice bonus. I have tried saunas at other locations before, but if you wanted to shower you had to leave the room and enter into their bathroom facility. Who wants to do that?!

  • IT'S ONE HOUR. The session is one hour long. It's a long time, but its manageable (especially if you accidentally open the door once or twice, oopsie). They also have a USB port for you to plug your phone into, so you can play some tunes while you're in there.

  • IT OFFERS MANY BENEFITS. The benefits of the infrared sauna are endless, from burning up to 600-700 calories in one session to releasing toxins from the body and detoxing the skin. 

  • WELLNESS SHOTS INCLUDED. One of my favorite aspects of this particular sauna session were the wellness shots provided before and after! You start with a cayenne shot, meant to induce sweating. After the session is done, you drink a shot containing trace minerals, meant to replenish those that were sweat out during the hour. Alkaline water is also available to drink during the session (which you definitely need and are so thankful to have).

I had been uploading Instagram stories on my page during my experience that day. The short Instagram videos below give a great insight to everything I mentioned above! 

To top it off, they have some cute apparel! I grabbed this hat just in time to take on my trip to Zion this past weekend. It's the perfect "dad hat" and the saying couldn't be more fitting. Being a yogi/yoga teacher & pure barre instructor, sweating is definitely my jam. I try to sweat once a day! 

This place is definitely rad and offers SO many other services that I plan to try. A few to name that interest me are: infrared yoga classes, mesotherapy, reiki healing, and organic vitamin injections. Overall, I highly recommend sweatheory and couldn't have had a better experience with the staff and services provided. If you are into health and wellness, then you need to stop in and see what this place is all about!

*Helpful Tip: Do not park across the street in the fast food parking lot. You WILL get towed, unless you have the nicest tow guy that ever lived and he lets you go. 

I am always looking to try out new holistic/wellness spots, so if you know of a place worth recommending please shoot me a message!