Oumere | Scientific Skincare

I mentioned in a recent Instagram story that a new (to me) skincare brand I had recently began using was taking my skin game to the next level! I noticed that I started getting more and more compliments on my skin right around the time I began using this line. I have been experimenting and testing out these products for over a month now, allowing me to get a pretty good feel for the line. All of the ingredients used took at least one year's worth of time to research and another year of testing! Without further ado allow me to introduce to you the lovely Oumere. These products are straight up gorgeous, from the ingredients to the packaging. Three points worth mentioning about this brand are that all of the products are cruelty free, essential oil free (yay, for those with sensitive skin) and natural/nontoxic! Wendy, the owner, is incredibly friendly and so knowledgeable. After I began following the Oumere Instagram account and watching Wendy's various live feeds, I found the brand and its ingredients to be that much more reputable. Wendy really knows her shit! I had the privilege of testing out all five products that Oumere currently offers, so I am happy to say that I can conclusively review this line in its entirety. Spoiler alert, I am obsessed! One of the cons (actually, the only con) to this brand is its price point; it's steep, I'm not going to lie. However, I don't typically see such obvious and effective results from natural skincare, so the price tag might just be worth it! I'll break down the products in order of how you would use them in your day to day skin care regimen starting with the cleanser, and then you can decide for yourself. 


Step 1. 

Oil Dissolution Theory

This vegan cleanser is such a dream! It effectively removes makeup without stripping the skin's moisture, leaving the skin feeling silky soft. It removes even the toughest of makeup, such as eyeshadow and mascara. The first time I tried it, I had my husband feel my skin and asked if he thought I had applied any skincare. He was confused when I responded with a resounding no! We both couldn't believe how hydrated my skin felt from just a cleanser. It is incredibly easy to use, whether you are getting into the shower or rinsing at the sink. I haven't used my makeup wipes once since I have had this cleanser (even when I recently traveled, I reached for this cleanser over my wipes). Make sure you shake it, as natural products do separate! Also, this cleanser is pH balanced to maintain skin's integrity, which I adore. It includes one of my all-time favorite ingredients for the skin, watermelon seed oil. The retail price for this cleanser is $90, which will get you 3.83 fl. Oz. of product. I believe each product on her site (with the exception of the eye cream) comes with a travel size as well, since the scientific glassware can be harder to travel with. 


Step 2. 

No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant

This product is a game changer. I always notice a difference the next morning when applying makeup, if I have used this exfoliant the night before. My makeup applies so much smoother and more beautifully (which is proof to me that it is doing something right for my skin). From what I have gathered, both from green beauty and conventional beauty gurus alike, the key to young-looking skin is exfoliation! Not the abrasive kind though, as that can actually damage the skin. The No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant contains alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy and poly hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while promoting skin cell renewal. I apply this product after I am done cleansing and always try to wait about thirty minutes before applying other products onto my face. This is because the longer No. 9 stays on the skin before applying other products, the more exfoliation your skin will experience. The cool thing about this exfoliant is that it will cease exfoliating after approximately thirty minutes when your skin naturally returns to its normal pH level. I'm down to the last few drops and do plan to purchase the full size soon. It's retail price is $60 and it contains 30 mL of product. **Update: I have repurchased this product and can't go without it.**






Step 3 (AM). Serum Bioluminelle

This might be the best smelling serum I own (and I own a lot). My husband always gives my cheek a second sniff after he goes in for a kiss, because he enjoys the scent so much! It feels very nourishing to the skin when applied because it is made with deeply penetrating super antioxidants, youth-regenerating proteins, and potent plant extracts. I feel like my skin just soaks it up happily, every application. I personally apply this serum as my "step 3" during my am routine. Some of the powerhouse ingredients you can find in this serum are: watermelon seed oil, green coffee oil, sea kelp extract, hyaluronic acid and an exclusive Oumere blend of broccoli sprout extract! The retail price for this serum is $170, containing 1.67 fl. Oz. of product. This is one of the brand's star products, in my opinion. 


Step 3 (PM). 

Serum Narcicelle

I received this serum after receiving the first round of products, so I am still exploring the effects but am liking it so far! The consistency is not what you would expect of a serum; it's quite creamy and a little goes a long way. This reconstructing serum is considered more potent, so I use this as my "step 3" during my evening routine. It was formulated to replenish all of the skin components lost throughout the day and with age. The retail price of this serum is $150 and contains 30 mL of product. **Update: I haven't found myself gravitating towards this product at all and I believe it has been discontinued.**


Step 4. 

Crème pour les yeux Bioluminelle

The texture of this eye cream is so thick and velvety and feels incredibly hydrating under the eyes. It reminds me a little bit of the cult favorite Bobbi Brown eye cream! This potent, plant based eye cream targets dark circles and aging eyes. It comes with a spatula, so you don't have to worry about contaminating the jar with bacteria from your fingers. It takes about 3 weeks to see visible results, and I have been using it for about 2 weeks or so. I prefer to use it at night since it is a thicker, more hydrating eye cream. This is the last step of the Oumere skincare regimen. When I use this eye cream I notice a significant difference when applying concealer underneath my eyes. I feel like the makeup glides on so much smoother! This product retails for $150. **Update: the jar started to get a rust like appearance. I think the product is fine, but it has not been something I've been using much at this point.**

Overall, I couldn't be more excited about this brand. It is under-hyped for now, but don't be surprised when you start seeing it everywhere! It's that good. I would say there are 3 stand out products from this line that I would recommend trying first- the chemical exfoliant (first and foremost), the serum bioluminelle and the cleanser. I appreciate the consistency of the brand's image, from it being marketed as a scientific, plant based skin care line to its scientific glassware packaging. Its coherency is beautifully thought out, again to match each of its lovely curated products. While this is a more luxurious natural beauty brand, I truly believe you get what you pay for. This line really does include almost everything you would need for amazing skin too, so it makes for a super minimalistic skin care routine. I highly reccomend that you follow Oumere on Instagram as well if you are interested in learning more about good-for-you ingredients! She often posts interesting and helpful content there, from tips to skin care myth-busters. Which product would you be intereseted in trying first? Leave your answer in a comment!

**Update: Oumere has since released one new product into the line: UV-R serum. This serum sounds pretty amazing and I am hoping to try it soon!