5 Reasons Why Subscription Boxes Are a Must Have if You're Converting to Green Beauty

Becoming educated on how toxic most of our conventional beauty products are, I decided to embark on this natural, nontoxic journey with more than just my food. Health and wellness were already a big part of my lifestyle, being a Pure Barre instructor and yoga teacher. I realized that if I was being conscious of what I was putting into my body and how I moved my body daily, then why wasn't I more concerned with what I was putting onto my body too? Skin is our largest and most complex organ! Absorption rates on our face and scalp are 5-10 times higher than on other parts of the body (think of how many products we apply to our face and scalp daily, yikes). It seemed like the natural next step for me to take, but I had no clue were to start. When converting, it can be super expensive and overwhelming. There are a ton of brands in both conventional and clean beauty spaces that claim to be natural and nontoxic, but in fact contain ingredients that are linked to cancer and hormone disruptors. Never being into subscription boxes before, I was surprised to find myself so interested in them after switching to clean beauty. I have been subscribed to two different boxes for over a year now, subscribing to my first box back in June of 2016. If you are looking to slowly start swapping out your conventional products for cleaner, healthier alternatives then consider these 5 reasons why a subscription box (or two) might be the way to go!

5. Curated With Intention


Stay tuned for future reviews of the two subscription boxes I love and highly recommend (as mentioned above)! From my experience, the many subscription boxes on the green beauty market are thoughtfully made with integrity, just like their chosen products. It seems to fit right? Boxes made with honest ingredients from honest curators. I have yet to see a product featured in the two boxes I subscribe to with questionable ingredients. Being able to actually trust that each box is always going to contain clean, effective and cruelty-free products is such a valuable and helpful tool when transitioning into green beauty. I used to google every ingredient when first converting (which is exhausting, by the way), but now I can have peace of mind knowing that the curators of the boxes are doing that work for me (and that I can trust it is being done thoroughly). The products included are always from highly coveted, luxurious and reputable brands in the green beauty industry. 

4. Themes Keep it Interesting


Both boxes that I subscribe to have a unique theme every month, just another example of how these boxes are curated with so much intention and thought. The different themes keep each box fresh and interesting, so you never get bored with the subscription. It keeps the products varying month to month as well, so you never feel like you got a "repeat box." The theme usually takes into consideration the time of year, the weather and what our skin and/or haircare needs might be during that time.


3. Monthly and Bi-Monthly Subscription Options


There are a ton of different subscription box offerings that range in price and frequency. I personally subscribe to one monthly box and one bi-monthly box. I enjoy that one of my subscriptions isn't every month. If it were, I wouldn't be able to justify having two different subscriptions (both of which I am completely obsessed with). It is also beneficial to have a little time to enjoy the products and see what works and what doesn't work for your skin before moving on to a new box of products. The frequency in which you receive your box is definitely one thing to be mindful of when picking a subscription. If you are new to green beauty, a monthly discovery might be really helpful.If you just want the opportunity to try highly coveted products at a discounted price, maybe a bi-monthly box would be more beneficial (especially on your wallet). 


2. Cost Effective


As mentioned before, it can be extremely expensive when converting all of your products over to natural beauty. By subscribing to a green beauty box, it gives you the opportunity to purchase products for about half the price, and who doesn't love saving money? This idea is such a cool and helpful tool to get the most bang out of your buck so you can really have the freedom to try more brands/products. Inevitably, giving you winning products to swap your toxic ones out for! Typically, the value of a subscription box is twice as much (if not more) that what you actually pay for the box.


1. Discovery Platform & Full Sized Products


The main motivator to subscribe to a box is to be apart of a discovery platform. It simplifies the search for good, healthy products and gives you the opportunity to discover amazing brands for a more affordable price. Most of these green beauty subscription boxes include only full sized, or deluxe sized products. There are a few boxes on the market that include sample sizes, which I personally do not prefer. Also, one of the coolest perks of being a subscriber to one of these awesome boxes is that often, the collaborated brands for the month will release a new product exclusively in the box before it is available to anyone else. How amazing is that? There have been multiple months that I had my hands on a highly anticipated green beauty item, before anyone else could even order it! It helps make each box that much more exciting! 

If you are just beginning, or have been on the green beauty journey for a while, subscription boxes are always a good and helpful idea. Your wallet will thank you, and I promise you won't be disappointed with the curation of the boxes. As mentioned previously, stay tuned for a future post reviewing the two boxes I subscribe to and love!



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