PLUME SCIENCE | All-Natural Love for your Lashes & Brows

Deets: Who, What, Where & Why?

Plume Science is a natural lash & brow brand that can be found in smaller green beauty stores like Credo & Detox Market, as well as some bigger retailers such as Nordstrom & Anthropologie (check out my previous post on other big retailers carrying green beauty brands). This brand has a curation of products and tools meant for the brows and/or lashes that contain safe, natural, but effective ingredients! We live in a world full of toxins (the air we breath in and water we shower in alone are full of toxicity) so if a brand can deliver on results while keeping the ingredients clean and safe, then why not make the switch? I have been testing out these products for months now and have a lot to say (good things, of course).

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Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

There are a ton of lash growth products on the market today, but most of them are packed with toxic/harsh ingredients. When dealing with our eyes, we should be cautious with what we are applying near them (and sometimes by default into them). Plume Science is the naturally formulated answer to our lash and brow dreams! The founder, Lauren Bilon, created this serum because she was experiencing dangerous side effects (discolored eyelids, burning skin & blurred vision) from a pharmaceutical product she was using. I have been using this serum for about 19 weeks consistently, both in the am and pm. I began using this serum after my lashes were damaged from lash extensions (as much as I loved having them on, they're just not worth it). You can see my before and after picture below- the after picture was taken 3 months after beginning the serum. I plan to snap another picture when I reach my 6th month of using this serum, so be on the look out for that!

The Quick Run Down:

  • No stinging or irritation has occurred in my eyes (I do not have sensitive eyes to begin with).
  • I have noticed more thickness and fullness in my lashes and some length.
  • I do not use it on my brows, because I want to get every last drop of product onto my lashes.
  • I haven't found the most dramatic results with this serum yet, compared to something like Rodan + Fields for example, but it is working! My mascara definitely looks more dramatic when I apply it now and I think I am going to continue seeing results as I use the product longer. It's worth mentioning that even the dramatic photos I have seen online from toxic products such as Rodan + Fields are usually a six month progress shot.
  • This serum did take a little time for me personally to start seeing some growth. I feel like I have turned a corner though and am eager to compare again when I reach six months!
  • Make sure you actually touch the root of your lash when you apply the serum.
  • Contains 5 mL of product and retails for $95 USD.


Curl & Lift Lash Curler

This tool is a game changer! When I started using this lash curler, I was so astonished with how crazy of a curl it left me I pretty much didn't shut up about it for a week straight. Everyone at my Pure Barre studio was asking about it and I was receiving messages on IG like crazy! The pictures below speak louder than anything I could ever say.

The Quick Run Down:

  • The curl is intense and lasts!!! I can curl my lashes in the morning and wake up the following morning with a curl left in them.
  • It instantly opens the eyes and makes me feel like I can go mascara-less more often.
  • The quality of the curler is something that surprised me. I don't know why, because Plume is a very luxurious brand, but the attention to detail on this tool just really impressed me. The handle is unique and easy to hold. Its matte black, very chic and comes inside a nice sachet (something you should keep and use to travel with).
  • It retails for $21 USD.
  • Star product for sure. You NEED this (like yesterday).
  • My husband is the best for letting me use him as a guinea pig (I told you, I couldn't shut up about this curler and needed to try it on someone else). You can see how straight his lashes are on his right eye!

Nourish & Define Brow Pomade

I preordered this brow pomade before it was even officially released. I had high expectations and waited very patiently to receive it. I was using Ecobrow at the time, but Plume's ingredients looked to be better and I was intrigued with the claim that it promoted brow hair growth. This was the first product I ever tried from Plume and it is now, easily one of my holy-grails!

*Gorgeous pomade picture credit: Bloom & Clementine

The Quick Run Down:

  • The color ashy daybreak is literally the most perfect shade for me. You can see the swatch above on my hand, as well as on my brows with different colored hair. This color works when I'm super blonde or when I'm brunette, so I think it would be a flattering shade for a wide range of people.
  • It's easy to work with and very forgiving. You can fix any errors you make pretty effortlessly, thank goodness!
  • It comes with an awesome angled brush & spooly! This brush is SO good. It's handle is the perfect length for being comfortable in the hand to hold. The brush itself is a little shorter, making it the perfect size to paint on those little hair-like strokes (without it going outside of my brow line). A spooly is an absolute MUST, whether you're using a pomade or pencil. It's super convenient having it all on one tool.
  • This pomade has some staying power! My best testament to this is the day that I woke up, put my pomade on in the morning and drove out to LA (about an hour and twenty minute drive). I took a warm level 2 yoga class and then went into a sauna for 1 hour. By the time I was done, any makeup I had on had pretty much melted off, with the exception of my brows (check out the last photo above for a shot of my brows IN the sauna- crazy)!
  • I have actually noticed hair growth! Do I have beautiful Cara Delevingne brows now? Sadly, no. They are filling in though where I tend to be a little more sparse and I feel like the way they are growing in is nice. It's sort of hard to explain, but lately when I just brush through them, I like how they look on their own! I never would have said that before this pomade.
  • Comes in 5 shades and retails for $38 USD.

Plume Science is one of my favorite green beauty brands and one I consider to be highly-coveted. Currently, there are two collection boxes available on their site- the Limited Edition Lash Collection (retails for $95 USDand the Limited Edition Brow Collection (retails for $133 USD). If you are looking to purchase a couple of items, these boxes would be the way to go! For another point of view on this brand, check out this review from one of my favorite babes, Free Love Beauty.



**Disclaimer: The collection boxes were graciously gifted to me. I paid for the pomade with my own money! My opinions are always honest and I'm always grateful when a brand is willing to collaborate with me so I can bring even more reviews and experiences to you! 

** UPDATE: I now have a promo code to share 15% off the Plume website with you- use code "WILCOX" at checkout! :)