9 Natural Ways to Age Gracefully

With botox and a number of other medical procedures becoming more and more common in today's society, this idea of aging gracefully is turning into a battle of staying "young" forever. Although, I myself have never tried botox or anything of the sort (yet), I wouldn't say I am against ever doing it in the future. I completely understand the desire to want to look more like our perceived "selves" as we age and our outer appearance begins to change. I'm 28 years old with no children (again, yet) so for now, I'm choosing to approach anti-aging by creating habits and rituals in my daily routine that will hopefully prolong my youthfulness the natural way. As you probably know, I am a firm believer in organic foods, safe and nontoxic beauty products and living an overall wellness driven life. Unfortunately, botox doesn't really fit that mold. But, to each their own (even me, five years from now- we are always changing and evolving). On to the important stuff; I have been searching for ways that I can start maintaining my youth now and have curated a short and simple list. Even if you are getting a little help with some botox, these methods will still be beneficial! Some of these ideas may be obvious, but they're helpful reminders and effective techniques! So, here we go...

9 Natural Ways to Age Gracefully:

  1. Remove your makeup! This is probably an obvious idea, yet how many of us still go to bed without doing this? It is SO important to not only remove the makeup from your skin (with a cleanser that does not strip your natural oils or disrupt your natural pH Balance) but to also wash off the day from your skin. With all of the amazing technological advancements our society has made, it's unfortunately causing our air and water to fill with toxicity; so it's important to cleanse our skin from both our makeup and the natural pollutants around us to keep us looking youthful and healthy. 

  2. Wear your SPF. Another very important step in maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin. It's pretty much non-negotiable, even when it's cloudy outside. The UV rays from the sun damage our skin and cause us to age at a more accelerated rate. Of course, you have to be cautious with which brand you use. Most conventional sunscreens are filled with terrible ingredients linked to cancer. You want to look for a natural, non-nano sunscreen!

  3. Curate a nightly skin care regimen. Think about how often you get a facial done. Once a month? Once a year? That kind of irregularity is not going to do anything significant for your skin. It's all about consistency! If you invest in good, non-toxic, quality skin care products that you can use every night at home, that's what is going to change your skin for the better. Start slowly, add one new item into your routine each month and grow it from there.

  4. Get your micronutrients. Make sure you're getting enough minerals and vitamins! We often neglect the fact that beauty starts from the inside out. Most of our external issues are caused from a problem we are experiencing internally. Our body is designed to warn us, as a protective measure when something isn't jiving. So, when you see a flare up on your skin, take a look at what's going in your diet first! Most of us are magnesium and zinc deficient- so, it's a good idea to mindfully add supplements or foods into our diet containing more magnesium and zinc.

  5. Sleep with a silk pillow sheet. This is a game changer for both the skin and hair and is absolutely worth the money. Unfortunately, if you live a vegan lifestyle, this option isn't for you. I am a crazy sleeper, always have been. I can sleep anywhere and in pretty much any position. I would always wake up in the morning with a ton of sheet lines on my face before I swapped out my pillow case. Sheet lines cause wrinkles! I have also noticed my hair can go longer in between washes now- it seems to stay cleaner for longer. Silk is hypoallergenic and just better for the skin in general.

  6. Use a Gold T Bar. Using this tool as a lymphatic drainage massage is one way to remove excess fluids from the face which helps to reduce puffiness/swelling, wrinkles and dark circles near the eyes.  I primarily use this tool under the eyes, but also near the nose in an outward direction towards the ears. I find that it helps clear the sinuses when used this way and feels nice. The bar is also meant to be used on the entire face to help with wrinkles.

  7. Get Your derma rollin' on. Another game changer for the skin! My skin always looks good the day after I use my derma roller. It assists in tighter, healthier looking skin and helps minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles. The micro needle punctures allow product to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, enabling the products to be more effective. I kind of think of it similarly to when we work out- when we work out a muscle, we are tearing the muscle down (causing a small injury). Then, it heals itself and grows back stronger. I apply the same concept when using a derma roller on the skin. By creating a small "injury" to the skin, it causes blood to then target that spot to heal it, therefore creating new collagen to that area. 

  8. Give yourself a daily facial massage. When you massage your face, you can see the benefits immediately (though, they don't last very long). I think with consistency and time, this is a technique that will make a difference in the overall appearance of your face. There are a ton of different massage techniques- you can google them or YouTube them for ideas. 

  9. Apply Fitglow's lip serum. We often forget about the less obvious parts of our face like our lips; but, our lips lose collagen and get thinner as we age! Applying a lip product that contains collagen can be very helpful in slowing that process down. I specified a product for this tip, because Fitglow is a natural brand! I am sure there are conventional products out there that do this, but then it wouldn't be a natural method. Fitglow's serum is one of my favorite products ever- it contains organic pomegranate plant sterols, beet extract, vegan collagen, and antioxidants which improve lip cell structure and health to diminish fine lines and leave lips full and soft.

I am always interested in discovering natural alternatives to otherwise toxic solutions. I am currently testing out a non-toxic wrinkle concentrate and will be sure to keep you posted about the results I find after enough time has gone by. Hopefully, I will learn even more natural ways to preserve the fountain of youth and can write a part 2 to this post! If you have any great methods or products that you have found to be effective, PLEASE share below in a comment.